Homelessness Photo Project


In association with  KCAH (Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness) this project was conceived and facilitated by artists from KINC (Kingston Independent Network of Creatives).

Our idea was to provide several people affected by homelessness with disposable cameras to record their life on the streets and to exhibit the results. Their brief had no artistic constraints and the participants were free to photograph whatever they wished.

Twenty cameras were handed out and most cameras were returned with 20 images on each. The results were processed and printed and exhibited first at the United Reform Church in Eden Street, then in Eden Walk Shopping Centre and an exhibition will open shortly at Hook Community Centre, before moving to other venues across the Borough.

The idea behind the project was to give our  participants a ‘voice’ that they would never normally have. The exhibition brings a viewing public a glimpse of real lives that are often ignored.

How to Buy Prints
The photographs can be seen below in our gallery, please click a small image for a bigger picture.
The exhibited photographs are available to order at £25.00 each for a digital download which
you can arrange to print yourself. Funds raised will be given to KCAH.

Please use our contact form to get in touch if your wish to make enquiries about a purchase.

Who are KINC?

KINC are a group of professional artists, designers, photographers and makers who work in Kingston.

Together they aim to create a thriving arts culture in the Royal borough.

By working with local authorities, communities and businesses, KINC are looking to promote projects, exhibitions, and opportunities that are mutually beneficial within our local community.